The partners

The IncluPsy project is based on the diversity of the identities and expertise of the partner organizations. They address different audiences (caregivers, families, citizens, professionals, persons concerned) and have different missions (training, information and orientation, mutual aid, medical and social support…). Moreover, the diversity of the countries represented within the consortium brings a wealth of points of view and experiences.

Luciole 92

As a mutual aid group, Luciole 92 is an association run by and for people with mental health problems and/or who are isolated.

CNP Saint-Martin

The Saint-Martin Neuro Psychiatric Center welcomes and provides psychiatric care to people suffering from psychological difficulties. It is composed of a Neuro Psychiatric Hospital and Psychiatric Care Homes.

UPH Vrapce

The Department of Social Psychiatry at UPH Vrapče, where the approach to care includes psychoeducation, burnout prevention and stress management for patients and their families, is recognized as the national center of excellence for psychosocial rehabilitation.


EPIONI’s goal is to advocate for ongoing, quality support services for people who work as unpaid, informal caregivers to family members or friends with physical or mental illness, disability or addiction.

Fondazione Don Luigi Di Liegro

The Luigi Di Liegro International Foundation carries out social cooperation activities aimed at promoting respect for the dignity of the human person and the value of solidarity. Training and counseling in mental health is one of its main priorities.

espérance hauts de seine

The EHS association was created in 1984 as a result of a group of families’ refusal to allow their loved ones to be alienated by mental disorders and their relentless fight for their social integration. The aim of the association is to create alternative forms of care to chronic psychiatric hospitalization.

The associated partners

The IncluPsy project is fortunate to have the support of 6 associated partners. This support takes several forms: communication about the activities and results of the project, support in the implementation of the project, scientific input and support in the evaluation of the project.

Université de Montréal

Represented by Jean-François PELLETIER, professor under grant
associate professor, specialist in the contribution of people with mental disorders to civic life and society.


PEPSAEE (Panhellenic Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Vocational Rehabilitation) participates in the Greek National Psychiatric Reform Program and specializes in supporting, coordinating and empowering rehabilitation and work integration initiatives for people with mental health disorders.


NAMI is the largest mental health organization in the United States, dedicated to building a better life for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.

Belgian Brain Council

NAMI est la plus grande organisation de santé mentale des États-Unis, qui se consacre à la construction d’une vie meilleure pour les millions d’Américains touchés par la maladie mentale.

GEM La Porte Bonheur

As a mutual aid group, La Porte Bonheur is an association run by and for people with mental health problems and/or in a situation of isolation.

GEM Les Amis des 4 Communes

As a mutual aid group, Les Amis des 4 Communes is an association run by and for people with mental health problems and/or in isolation.