IncluPsy in a few words

The IncluPsy project is a project for the exchange of best practices aiming at promoting the social inclusion of people living with mental health problems. Six partner organizations, each with their own expertise, are participating in this project. They come from Belgium, Croatia, France, Greece and Italy.

Associate partners from Belgium, Canada, France, Greece and the United States also support this project.

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April 15th

Kick-off meeting

By video conference

The purpose of this kick-off meeting is to present the IncluPsy project.

Come and join us!

4-6 July



Zagreb, Croatia

Evidence-based approach to reducing stigma and discrimination against people with mental health problems and their social inclusion.

The partners

The IncluPsy project is based on the diversity of the identities and expertise of the partner organizations. They have different target audiences (caregivers, families, citizens, professionals, people concerned) and different missions (training, information and orientation, care, mutual aid, medico-social support…). Moreover, the diversity of the countries represented within the consortium brings a wealth of points of view and experiences.

The associated partners

The IncluPsy project is fortunate to have the support of 6 associated partners. This support takes several forms: communication about the activities and results of the project, support in the implementation of the project, scientific input and support in the evaluation of the project.


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