6-7 October 2022

Our project meeting in Athens was an opportunity to celebrate two major events in the field of mental health:
World Mental Health Day as well as the European Carers Day 2022 on the theme “Gender Equality and Care”. A seminar was organized by our partner Epioni on this occasion. We were able to increase our awareness of the issue of social inclusion of family carers who often find themselves on the fringe of society. We also had the opportunity to meet the partners of the Civic project, another project that focuses on the social inclusion of people with mental health problems

CIVIC project is a bridge between the training Curriculum for social inclusion of people with experience of severe mental issues, produced by the “HERO. Housing: an educational European ROad towards civil rights “[n. 2016‐1 ‐ IT02 ‐ KA204‐024078] – and the development of increasingly inclusive communities. In CIVIC “Housing” is intended as a system of social facilities in a network of human relations in a safe neighbourhood. It is a community-based strategy used to allow the transition from aid to inclusion. CIVIC aims to make the access to education on Housing easier for Local Communities. More informations : http://www.housing-project.eu/

We also watched a first draft of our social inclusion awareness video and reviewed the practices we wanted to promote. We also reviewed the newsletters, the communication and the upcoming deadlines: the finalization of the good practices guide and the video, the communication events organized by each partner as well as the final meeting to be held in Paris on November 9 and 10, 2022.