4-7 July 2022

The training organized by UPH Vrapce in Zagreb entitled “Evidence-based approach to reduce stigma and discrimination towards people with mental health problems and their social inclusion” allowed the participants to be sensitized to the issue of social inclusion and stigma.

Through the presentation of the Ambulatory Psychosocial Education and Treatment Centre, we had the opportunity to discuss and expand our knowledge of programs to promote social inclusion and reduce stigma. We also learned about the WHO document on the right to quality to guide institutional transformation to promote recovery and respect for human rights. We learned about metacognition and what it can teach us about stigma. During our stay, we visited the Svitanje Cafe and the hospital’s museum of psychiatry, to highlight the importance of mental health as a public health priority, in line with what the WHO’s quality rights also say.

The transformation of institutions to promote recovery and respect for human rights must go hand in hand with collaboration with fair communication about mental health that the media provides:
All of this is the focus not only of UPH Vrapce, but of the entire Inclupsy project. An update on the progress of the project has allowed us to agree on the form and content of videos promoting social inclusion based on the lived experience of people living with mental health problems.