6-8 March 2022

Our stay in Namur was the second transnational meeting of our project. It started with an Italian restaurant. We received a very warm welcome from our Belgian hosts.

The following day, we visited 4 four different units from the Saint-Martin Neurological Polyclinic: the day hospital Mosaic, Phileas a unit dedicated to reintegrating prisoners, Cadences a therapeutic activity center and the Polyclinic. Visits to these schemes that enable people to receive appropriate support while living in the city were very rewarding for the partners.

We discussed the progress of the project, and of the missions of each partner, decided the dates of the next transnational meetings in Zagreb, Athens and Paris. We discussed as well the communication around our project (in social media, internet website and a newsletter) and the evaluation of the project. We talked about the definition of social inclusion and about how we could make it more accessible and meaningful for our target groups. We discussed good practices: each partner had to identify two good practices to share with the other partners. Le last day we visited the citadel and an exhibition at the NID (intelligent and sustainable Namur).
These were two very busy and rewarding days, thanks to our Belgian partners !