6-7 December 2021

Our transnational meeting in Rome from Sunday 5 to Tuesday 7 December allowed us to finally meet our partners in person, which had been impossible until then due to the pandemic. We were very warmly welcomed by our Italian partner, Fondazione Luigi di Liegro, whom we thank. At the first meeting, each partner was invited to briefly introduce themselves. After this short presentation, the partners discussed the progress of the IncluPsy project. We discussed our communication tools and how we use them. A first newsletter will be created soon by the Fondazione Luigi di Liegro. We agreed that each partner would collect 2 examples of good practice and simplified our good practice collection tool. We have adjusted our calendar of upcoming meetings.

In addition, a psychiatrist gave us a presentation on the evolution of the Italian psychiatric system since the Basaglia law, which aims to replace psychiatric hospitals with a range of community services. This was an opportunity for us to identify the similarities and differences in our systems of care and the extent to which they promote the inclusion of people with mental health problems. We were also lucky enough to be able to enjoy a performance by the Briganti Pizzicati music group, which was born out of the Fondazione Luigi Di Liegro’s “music laboratory” and is made up of people with mental health problems.