We were very pleased to have with us for this project kick-off event all of our associated partners: the Belgian Brain Council, GEM les Amis des 4 Communes, GEM La Porte Bonheur, NAMI, PEPSAEE, and Jean-François Pelletier, associate professor, specializing in the contribution of people with mental illness to civic life and society, from the University of Montreal.

We are also fortunate to be joined by Chuck Harman, Assistant Professor at West Virginia University’s Reed College of Media, who has worked for 27 years in senior positions at NAMI and co-chaired the International Working Group on Social Isolation from 2013-2014.

During this launch meeting each partner introduced themselves and presented their contribution to the project. We have shared definitions of social inclusion and recovery in a way that allows for a shared vision of project goals. In particular, we have resituated the context of this project, its objectives, its target audiences and its main activities.

Thank you again to all our partners and associated partners for their support for this project!

You can find:

Jean-François Pelletier’s intervention on recovery by clicking here.
And the general presentation of the project by clicking here.